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R12 - How to deploy form on a server

Written By askMLabs on Monday, October 12, 2009 | 4:51 PM

R12 - How to deploy form on a server:

We use f60gen in R11i for deploying forms , but f60gen is deprecated in R12. We use frmcmp_batch.sh for forms compilation in R12.

1) Backup the existing form in location $AU_TOP/forms/US
2) Copy the new form ( *.fmb ) to the location $AU_TOP/forms/US
3) Set the forms env var
4) Compile the form using :
frmcmp_batch.sh userid=apps/xxxxxx Module=xxxxx.fmb Module_Type=form compile_all=special output_file=xxxxxx.fmx
5) Copy the generated form ( *.fmx) to the corresponding product top  ( $PROD_TOP/forms/US )
6) Check the permission on file *.fmx ( it should be 755 )

Deploying forms from graphical interface :

Use the "frmcmp" in vnc server to open the graphical interface. The screen shot will look like this ....

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