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Oracle Database Appliance - Create A New Oracle Home

Written By askMLabs on Friday, January 27, 2017 | 4:04 PM

Creating a new oracle rdbms home in ODAs is not the same process how we normally install rdbms binaries on any OS platform. This is an engineered system and Oracle made is very simple to create new oracle homes.

Our new ODAs ( X5-2 ) are with control version and installed Grid and RDBMS). To know your version , you need to execute the following commands ...

oakcli show version
oakcli show dbhomes

Now we have a requirement where we need database binaries. These ODAs does not come with that package by default. So we need to get that package from MOS. Installing the db home is very simple in ODAs, but finding the right package for your version is the critical part of it. This is how we started analyzing to get the right package for right version.

We started checking if the latest version of ODAs ( is supported to install We executed the following command to see what versions it supports ....

oakcli create dbhome -version 

Then it gives you an error message saying ...

ERROR: 2017-01-27 12:07:39: is not a supported version

It also gives you the version supported....

INFO: 2017-01-27 12:07:39: Supported versions are

Now we confirmed that the present version support the version.  For information about supported releases, refer to My Oracle Support note 888888.1

At this point we know that version is supported and we need to get the correct package for this version. Open the MOS 888888.1 and search for "RDBMS Clone files", under this section, you will find the patch number and its corresponding package to download.  You can directly download the package from this location or search for that patch in MOS and get the correct package by following the instructions carefully. In our case, we need to search for this patch for release as instructed by this MOS  888888.1

Now we have the package. Upload this package to the one of the ODA server and execute the following commands. We uploaded to /var/tmp location which is a default package location on ODAs.

# oakcli unpack -package /var/tmp/p14777276_121240_Linux-x86-64.zip
Unpacking will take some time,  Please wait...
WARNING: 2017-01-27 13:52:41: You are trying to unpack older clone file
INFO: 2017-01-27 13:52:41: Current system is at version
WARNING: 2017-01-27 13:52:41: Unpacking this bundle may overwrite some files which may cause patching/deployment failures
Press Yes to continue or No to quit.... :

If you see these messages, you probably thinking something might be going wrong by unpacking the zip file we just uploaded to server. It is not. We are actually on version and the package we downloaded for version So It warns you with those messages. It is nothing wrong. You can continue pressing "Yes". You can refer the MOS 888888.1 in the know issues section to get confirmation on this.

# oakcli unpack -package /var/tmp/p14777276_121240_Linux-x86-64.zip
# oakcli create dbhome -version
# oakcli show dbhomes

 Monitor the progress of this installation from the log file : /opt/oracle/oak/log/<hostname>/tools/

Hope This Helps

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