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OEM Grid Control Installation On Linux 5.4

Written By askMLabs on Thursday, November 3, 2011 | 4:46 PM

In this article, we will discuss how to install OEM grid control on Linux 5.4(32 bit).

Download the required software from the location : Download Software
Download the installation Document from the location : Download Installation Document

If you are planning to install OEM grid control in a vmware linux machine, Please follow the article VMware Server - Linux installation  and complete the linux machine creation. You can omit this point if you are directly provided with linux machine with OS linux 5.4.

Prepare the linux machine ( Linux 5.4 ) for the OEM grid control 10201 installation. Please use the article  Prepare Linux virtual machine for OEM Grid Control Installation. Though this is to prepare the linux machine for 11gR2 database, it holds good for OEM 10201 installation also. You can also refer the document mentioned above to prepare the linux machine for OEM grid control installation.

There are some identified Common Installation Errors while installing OEM 10201 on Linux 5.4. Please follow the article OEM Gridcontrol 10201 Installation Errors On Linux 5.4 to correct all the issues.

Follow the video to complete the installation of OEM grid control on Linux 5.4.

Video will be uploaded very soon. <video place holder>

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