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Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) Instance creation in Oracle Cloud

Written By askMLabs on Friday, December 13, 2019 | 4:16 PM

I am going to explain the creation of the Oracle Management Cloud instance in Oracle Cloud OCI.

This is very simple and easy process. Oracle provides this service from its PaaS. The screenshots provided will guide you the actual process. There is no detailed explanation required to understand the instance creation.

I have many articles to be posted after this on Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) and I will try to explain more about OMC and different other possibilities that can be performed with OMC. So this is just an introduction to create OMC instance....

Access your OCI console and navigate as shown below.. Marked as 1, Shows the region. If you would like to choose a different region, please select here.

Click on "Create Instance" as shown..

Provide all the required details. Mandatory details are the instance name. If you would like to get notification when the instance is finished creation, you can supply the email in "Notification Email" section.

When the request is submitted to create an instance, it will start provisioning the OMC instance as shown below.

When the instance is provisioned successfully and when it is ready for access, you will see the status as "AVAILABLE" as shown below...

When you click on the OMC instance name, it will open another window where you can see the OMC console. This OMC console will list all the options available for you. The menu options listed on left hand side will help you to perform various activities in OMC. So this is how OMC welcome screen looks like....

You will receive a notification about the OMC instance successful creation and the notification looks like this.

Now you are ready to work with OMC instance.

More to come with OMC instance....stay tuned.....

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