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  • Administering Oracle Clusterware 11gR2 : This document gives you hands on lab practice explaining .....
  1. Administering OCR (Add/Delete/Replace/Migrate) , 
  2. Administering Voting Disk (Add/Delete/Replace/Migrate) ,  
  3. Administering OCR and Voting Disks with Block Devices, 
  4. Modify Public Network Information including VIP in Oracle Clusterware 11gR2 ( Changing public hostname,Changing public IP only without changing interface, subnet or netmask,Changing public network interface, subnet or netmask,Changing VIPs associated with public network change), 
  5. Modify the IP address of the SCAN VIPs and 
  6. Modify the SCAN Listener Port.                                            
  • ASM Files Directories Templates : This document gives you hands on lab practice for ASM files , alias, directories and templates.                                                                    Download
  • ASM Diskgroup and ASM Instance Administration : This document gives you hands on lab practice for the following topcis ...                                                                Download 
  1. Create a Diskgroup
  2. Create a Diskgroup with various redundancies
  3. Naming ASM disks while creating ASM Diskgroups
  4. Creating Diskgroups with force option
  5. Creating Diskgorups with different SIZE options and Resizing
  6. Droping a Diskgroup
  7. Create a Diskgroup with xml file
  8. Diskgroup Attributes Listing
  9. Create Diskgroup with Unix wild cards
  10. Different options with asmcmd list disk ( -t , -k , -p )
  11. Diskgroup Resize Options
  12. Diskgroup Mount and Dismount
  13. Droping disk from Diskgroup
  14. Disk Rebalancing ( wait and nowait options)
  15. Dynamic Disk Rebalancing
  16. Drop and undrop an ASM Disk
  17. ASM diskgroup check and Repair
  18. Fast Mirror Resync with ASM Diskgroups
  19. Renaming Diskgroup
  20. ASMCMD command line utility
  21. ASM Instance Administration

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