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Physical Standby Switch Over Demo

Written By askMLabs on Thursday, September 16, 2010 | 7:46 AM

This demo shows how to perform switch over operations for physical stand by operations.

One important point to remember:
Though the fact, that the previous Standby database became the primary afterwards applies to both variants - there are small differences which should for sure be considered. The most important is: After a FailOver there is no way to convert the former primary instance into a standby database for the new primary system: Due to the fact that both of them created redo information after the FailOver, they are completely out of sync, and in no way they can be synchronized again . The only possibility to get a new standby system again is to create it from the scratch.

After a SwitchOver, on the other hand, we have both, the primary and the standby system, available again as we had before. This means you should think twice before doing a FailOver.

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+ comments + 2 comments

June 8, 2011 at 6:37 AM

1st of all, I liked your blogs and your knowledge, you deserve more than this...I encourage you please continuing your blogs so that we feel proud to be a Indian.If you see Kamran blog on Oracle 11gr2 Installation, he did not miss a single step of screen screen shot. He wrote also in text form as well as screen shot.

Please don't personal;

My suggesion, whatever you start topic, take a viewer as a layman i.e. as a beginer. Just from step by step so that viewer can implement after watching your video. Please don't miss any step so that you can get popularity outside of India. I know you are working very hard and Its not easy to take out time from our busy schedule. I hope you can understand my thoughts.

My good wishes with you.
Thanks & Regards,
Bhim Manhla
Sr.Oracle DBA

June 8, 2011 at 11:21 AM

Hi Bhim , thanks so much for your feedback. I consider your suggestions. Recently i started Weblogic server and OEM with the same view that i need to start it from the basics.

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